821 Cafe & Fudge Babies!

I’ve only been in Richmond for about 3 months, but so far, I’ve really enjoyed the restaurants here! There are a lot of unique “hole in the wall” places, and last night, my friend Wendy and I decided to try 821 Cafe. I looked up the menu before hand, and was pleased to see so many vegan options! I knew the hard part would be deciding what to try!

It was a very “hipster” atmosphere, and all of the servers were very friendly and welcoming. After perusing the menu, I settled on the Vegan burger with a side of vegan chili. Wendy decided to balance things out with a philly steak sub and cheese fries. (Ah, opposites attract!!) Although it took a little while to get our food, Wendy and I were deep in conversation, so we were in no hurry! Here is my delicious burger:

Instead of vegan chili, I think I got the seasoned arroz… which was good, so I didn’t complain! 🙂 This burger was huge, and had plenty of sprouts and avocado. I was really pleased with this burger. (Sometimes you order a veggie burger, and it’s just a burger with some lettuce and maybe a tomato, but this one was loaded with so many other goodies!) I didn’t snap a picture of Wendy’s plate, but apparently the folks at 821 didn’t think the cook gave her enough cheese fries, because they ended up bringing us an extra side of fries, just because! Even with a tip, my meal was only ~$10, which I think is a good price for a delicious vegan dinner! I’ll definitely be going here again!

After I got home, I wanted to do some baking, but didn’t feel like actually baking… so I decided to finally try making Fudge Babies, from Chocolate Covered Katie.

Here are all the ingredients going into my little food processor!

At first, the food processor was making a really weird sound, and I was afraid I was going to burn up my little processor, but then it got going, and turned out fine! I was a little skeptical, because I’ve never actually eaten a date before, and something about them freaks me out a little bit. Thankfully, these guys turned out splendidly! I followed the recipe I linked above, but also added in a few chocolate chips. I couldn’t believe how simple these were to make! I literally just blended it up, and then squished them into little balls. That was easy! (I meant to take a photo of the finished product, but alas, I’m still working out remembering to take pictures!)

Katie, I’m so glad I finally tried these little babies! Soo delicious! And I think the possibilities would be endless! Next time I think I’ll add some coconut. 🙂


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  1. 1

    Aww I’m so honored that you made them… and so happy you liked them!! 🙂

  2. 2

    Oh, veggie burgers are the best. Good choice. 🙂

    Mm, Katie’s Fudge Babies! I’m sad to admit I have yet to make them… I know, it’s a shame. I’ve made dozens of her other recipes, but dates are not common in my house so Fudge Babies have taken the back seat. Darn. 😦

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