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Protein Cake & Coconut Chocolate

So I was looking at the High Protein Chocolate Cake that Chocolate Covered Katie had posted, and it looked so delicious that I decided I had to try it. The problem is, with the pumpkin shortage, I knew I’d have to use something else. I figured pureed butternut squash would be basically the same thing, right? Well… maybe not so much. I cut up some b-nut squash, steamed it in the microwave, then ran it through the food processor, but I think since it was such a small amount, it didn’t really get pureed… just sort of mashed. So then I tried combining it with the rest of the ingredients but I think maybe I didn’t mix it properly…

I baked it according to directions, and it came out alright (notice the cocoa I added didn’t really get blended…) but there were noticeable chunks of squash which not only gave it a weird texture, but also gave it a sweet potato taste.

There is the cake after I cut a slice out. As you can see, the cocoa didn’t exactly mix well… I probably should have stuck with Katie’s direction, but I was afraid my protein powder wasn’t chocolate-y enough. (I used Jay Robb’s protein powder.) I’m afraid I didn’t do the cake justice. I’m definitely going to try it again once I can get my hands on some pumpkin!

Since that was a bit of a flop, I decided to make some Vegan Chocolate, a favorite recipe that I found on Love, Veggies and Yoga‘s blog. This recipe is super simple and ALWAYS comes out well!!! I followed her recipe, but quadrupled it (yes, 4x!) because I wanted to give some to a friend. I also added in about 1/4 cup of shredded coconut and 1/4 cup of sliced almonds. It added a nice crunch! Definitely check out the recipe and give it a try. You’ll have to keep it in the freezer, or it gets a little messy, but it’s totally worth it! (And there’s nothing better than cold chocolate when its >100 degrees outside!)

Mixing it up! (I learned my lesson and mixed it VERY well!)

And… the finished product:

I let them set in a mini loaf pan, then sliced them up and put them on plastic wrap on a plate. Seriously, go make these!!

Hope you’re all staying cool in the summer heat!

Does anyone have any vegan cookbook recommendations? I’d like to buy a couple but I don’t know where to begin!


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