Falafel Fail… Great Granola!

So last night, I had a little extra time on my hands, and I thought I’d try out a new recipe. I learned a few lessons along the way, but we’ll get there in a minute. A friend at work gave me the Skinny Bitch in the Kitch cookbook. I have mixed feelings about this cookbook… I mean, I like that it’s vegan, but I don’ t know how I feel about the stance of the book. Anyways, this isn’t a cookbook review…

I wanted to try something new and it just so happened that I had all the ingredients to make falafel! So I thought, why not? (Plus, I’d been dying to find a reason to use my Bob Mill’s Garbanzo Bean Flour, because yes, I buy things with no purpose in mind.) So I tried to follow the recipe pretty closely. Here are the main ingredients sitting in the food processor…

I blended it up, shaped it into balls, and baked it up! Here was the finished product:

They turned out… ok. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t anything I would crave. I think it might have helped if I had actually HAD falafel before. So Lesson #1: Figure out your expectations. I had no idea what I thought this would taste like, so I didn’t know if it was a success or a flop. Since I wasn’t thrilled, I’m saying it was a flop. Lesson #2: Don’t cut corners. There was a lemon tahini sauce that went with this but I got kind of tired half way through the recipe and thought, well, I’ll see how the falafel tastes, and if it’s good, I’ll make the sauce… Needless to say, I didn’t make the sauce.

*sigh* On a positive note…

I kicked off my Monday morning with some O’Soy Vanilla Yogurt, frozen blueberries, & some Vanilla Almond Galaxy Granola!! Thank you to Healthy Helper & Clean Teen Kelsey for the great recommendation! It’s delicious, and the nutritionals aren’t bad at all! I loved that it had whole almonds in it. It was crunchy and just the right amount of sweetness! Yum!

I started my morning off with this bowl, some coffee (with Truvia and Silk Almond Milk) &  a handful of Peanut Butter Puffins. After seeing the Review on Petit Foodie I wanted to try them, and let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed! These babies are packed with peanut butter-y flavor! They were almost TOO sweet for breakfast. (Almost… but not quite. 🙂 )  Go grab a box of these! I’m thinking these would be great crushed over some chocolate coconut milk ice cream… hmm…

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  1. 1

    healthyhelper said,

    glad you like the galaxy granola! my fav is the not sweet vanilla….but i still really love the vanilla almond and the raspberry (<-which has feeze dries raspberries in it..YUM!!)
    I love baked falafel btw!

  2. 2

    falafel = win. but it has to be done just right, in my opinion, if i’m going to bake it. i l’ll broil it for the last five minutes in a sad attempt to get that “deep fried like” texture.
    i used to like the o’soy yogurt till i found out it has milk in it 😦 who puts milk in soy yogurt?! poo. anyway, haha… have you ever had coconut milk yogurt?

    • 3

      What!? There is milk in it?! I didn’t even think to check, because why would there be milk in soy yogurt?? ughh so disappointing! I guess I’ll try coconut milk yogurt! 😦

  3. 4

    Efi said,

    Oh I had a similar recipe with chickpeas just a few days ago! Great minds….:)

  4. 6

    Ashlei said,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂 Baked stuff always tastes a little different (chewier, maybe?) than the original when the original is usually fried. Maybe try sauté-ing them? I love chickpeas and falafel!

  5. 8

    Aww it’s okay! Hopefully your falafels will be perfect next time!

  6. 9

    hey i think theyre still fabulous!! mmm as long as they taste good then all is GOOD! but i usually mess up on my first try at anything- guess it just gives me extra learning tools lol ❤

  7. 10

    Thank you for your comment on my watermelon-lime bars. 🙂 I’ve made sweet potato falafel from “Fat Free Vegan Kitchen” – you may want to give those a go!

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