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Trying for a Green Thumb!

I love my job, partly because the place I work is so great! They have a community garden, so I signed up for a plot. I’ve never had a garden before, and I really don’t know what I’m doing, but a couple of my friends have plots, so they’ve been helping me. Things started off well! I planted tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash and green peppers. Here was the garden about a month ago:

What I didn’t realize is, these plants go crazy when they aren’t tamed! My goodness! Apparently caging tomato plants is rather important…Mine have grown outward instead of upward… *sigh* My evening will begin with some gardening, and hopefully getting this garden back on track!

Anyways, on to food. Thank you to Lauren @ Clean Eats in the Dirty South for telling me that O’Soy Yogurt is NOT vegan!!! (Thank you Lauren!!) I’m so disappointed! If I wanted milk in my yogurt, I’d just buy regular yogurt!!! Man, this vegan thing is harder than I thought! So now I’m on the hunt for some good vegan yogurt. Any suggestions? That was the sad part of my day, for sure.

The other sad part of the day was when kindly informed me that I’d spent over $400 on groceries in the last month… oops. Anyways, these things happen.

Food review time! I just tried the Newleaf Java BBQ Tempeh frozen dinner.

The picture looked good, but there is nothing more disappointing than a frozen meal that doesn’t look anything like the picture in the box. So here is how things really looked!

Not bad!! I’d never had tempeh before (um, how do you pronounce it??) The flavor this was interesting, in a good way. It excited my taste buds for sure! The beans were tender, and not soggy, and it made me want to try cooking my own tempeh. Anyone have some good (easy-beginner) tempeh recipes? I’m all ears!

Another thing that made my day brighter:

Peanut Butter Puffins!! These little babies cheered up my morning! (You know, since I couldn’t have my non-vegan soy yogurt! Argh!) These will take care of late night pb cravings for sure! 🙂

I’m a cereal junkie, so I try not to buy it too often (seriously, I can make a box of cereal disappear in a matter of days. Not good!) What are some of your favorite cereals?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, recipes & ideas!


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