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Tempeh Triumph!!

Last night I was in the mood for some protein, and I’d been wanting to try tempeh (all of the recipes you guys suggested sounded so good!) and I found this one online, from Savvy Vegetarian which sounded simple enough. So I went to the store and picked up a package of Three Grain Tempeh:

I halved the recipe, since it served 4, and I just wanted some for dinner, and some to take for lunch the next day. This was actually super easy to make, and it only took about 20 minutes start to finish. While the tempeh was baking, I made some BBQ sauce (I’d always wanted to make some from scratch!) and I just so happened to have every ingredient the recipe called for, which is so rare! After making the sauce, I covered the tempeh in it, and baked it a few more minutes, then threw it on a FlatOut Flatbread with some lettuce and onions (I should have added a tomato for color!) and voila!

This meal was delicious! I know it doesn’t LOOK all that pretty (blocks of tempeh aren’t exactly cute…) but trust me, this thing was tasty! Also, it was only about 400 calories, 17g of fiber, and 29g of protein! It was a filling dinner for sure! (And today I’m going to have the leftovers at lunch 🙂 )

My garden is looking better! It’s hard to tell from this picture, but it’s growing quite nicely! I’ve gotten to pick and eat a few tomatoes 🙂

Here is a little red pepper, just starting to grow!

I love peppers, so I can’t wait for these guys to grow!

Does anyone have good recipes using tomatoes? I know Simply Life just posted a delicious looking marinara recipe! I have a feeling I’m going to have an abundance of tomatoes pretty soon, and I’m going to need some recipe ideas!

On a completely random non-food-related note, here was a picture I took in my parking lot yesterday, which just made me laugh!

Mr. Parking-Lot-Number-Painter… you might want to re-do this one…

Happy Friday, everyone!


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