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Food for Thought

Thank you to Simply Life for recommending the documentary “Killer at Large“. It was quite an interesting movie. I think its good to look at obesity, and what an impact it has on our society. Sometimes I get so caught up in food, that I forget the effect it has on so many people. Sometimes it feels like I live in a whole different world than most of society. I’ve never had a Big Mac, I don’t remember the last time I had a Coke, and I love exercising! I tend to think of food struggles as trying to restrain myself from eating a whole jar of almond butter 😉 Anyways, I would recommend watching that movie! I rented it on itunes for only $2.99! 🙂

So I’m a little slow to post these pictures, but my best friend ever, Alexa Marie, took a trip from Ohio to come visit me in Richmond! We went to Carytown Burger and Fries for lunch, with my brother and his wife. (I checked before we went to make sure they had vegan options! And they had a delicious black bean burger!)

Alexa is an amazing photographer, so I asked her to snap some pics for my blog 🙂

My delicious veggie burger!

My brother, eating his chili cheese fries… we are so different 🙂

We also decided to make some banana soft serve (I had been telling her how amazing it was) and then we made some Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars (vegan of course!)

Mixing up the oatmeal!

Smashing it into the pan

Adding a touch of maple syrup to our banana soft serve 🙂

We had our banana soft serve on top of some crushed graham crackers with a dollop of Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter. This combination was divine!!! You must try it 🙂

Does anyone have any other deliciously simple dessert recipes? This banana soft serve has become one of my favorites!

Thank you to all of the book and movie suggestions! I have a lot more watching/reading left to do!! 🙂


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