Silver Linings

It’s been a rough couple of days. Lots of random things going on (car being towed twice, credit card # being stolen, etc.) but there was a positive thing that happened… I won the NuNatural’s Giveaway from Fab and Delicious Food!!!! I was pretty excited. I can’t wait to try using it in recipes!

My eats haven’t been all that exciting lately. Lots of fresh veggies and such. But this morning’s breakfast was special than normal, because it’s my entry in the Magic Bullet Contest from Chocolate Covered Katie‘s blog!

This was 1 frozen banana, 1/2 scoop of chocolate protein powder, 2 tbsp of Silk Almond Milk, & a sprinkle of Galaxy Granola!! I don’t really like oatmeal, so Katie, this was my version of a breakfast sundae!! Yum!

So I’ve talked a lot about food, but not so much about working out. I really need to get into a regular routine. I’ m a little sporadic… I’ve been trying to run more, but I’m still at a bit of a loss when it comes to weight lifting. I just signed up to get a personal trainer at work, so I’m looking forward to those sessions! And today, I did some P90x but I tend to get bored after 20 minutes. I like group fitness classes, so maybe I’ll take more of those at work… hmm

Still, nothing gets me motivated for a workout like a good playlist! Does anyone have good workout playlist suggestions?

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  1. 1

    Heather said,

    Ooooh-a good playlist is crucial to getting thru hardcore workouts πŸ™‚
    I find Fergie,Pink,Black Eyed Peas always help me πŸ™‚

  2. 2

    Looks awesome, Liz!
    Hmmmm… music… I like anything really, really fast. Fall Out Boy is good for that, or Green Day. And Latin music too :). Yes, I listen to Ricky Martin!

  3. 3

    Simply Life said,

    congrats on winning the giveaway – so fun!

  4. 4

    kaztronomic said,

    I’m sorry things have been rough for you, but congrats on winning the giveaway! πŸ˜€

    I’m not sure about workout music, sorry! I tend to just go with my thoughts when I exercise.

  5. 5

    i hope u win the magic bullet!!! thats a pretty fab recipe to submit btw!


  6. 6

    teenagehealthfreak said,

    pit bull has some cool songs that pump me up!!..or some oldies like “everybody dance now!!”…I really want one of those magic bullets! do they really work well..better than a blender??

  7. 8

    Your breakfast looks fab for a hot day!

    I sometimes listen to Glee when I run…cheesy I know πŸ˜›

  8. 10

    Thanks for mentioning my giveaway! Glad it brightened your day to win! That sucks about all that other stuff that has happened!

    Love the breakfast sundae!

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