Veggies & Squash Fries

Hello bloggers!

So I started me vegan journey around the end of May, meaning it’s been about two months. I think I’m going to get my cholesterol checked soon, so see how my numbers are doing. I’m really hoping they’re down, but I know it’s only been 2 months, so I probably should expect to see too much of a change. I’m not sure how much longer I can convince my doctor to let me do this though, before he insists I get back on Zocor.

I’ve been eating some tasty things recently, but I’ve been terrible about taking pictures 😦 I had delicious veggie burger from local restaurant, Joe’s Inn yesterday. Bulger, lentils, celery, carrots and cashews. Delicious! (Even though it was just kind of an ugly gray color, it tasted delicious!) I never thought about putting cashews in a veggie burger! It was very filling, so I kept dinner light yesterday:

Veggies and hummus are such a wonderful combo on a hot day. I tried Atheno’s Organic Garlic Hummus. I normally get the Roasted Red Pepper kind, but I thought I’d try something new. I really like Sabre hummus too, but the nutritional info isn’t quite as good. (Since I like to eat quite a bit of hummus, I have to keep myself in check on that!) What’s your favorite type of hummus? Any favorite brands or recipes? I like making my own hummus, but I was feeling lazy yesterday 🙂

My garden has been producing quite a bit of vegetables! Some of these tomatoes look a little sketchy, but let me tell you, they taste delicious! I’ve been topping salads and sandwiches with fresh tomatoes, and it’s quite good!

I also walked to the farmers market down the street yesterday and got some delicious butternut squash. I made Butternut Squash Fries, one of the easiest, all time favorite recipes:

B-Nut Squash Fries: (photo courtesy of

-1 Small butternut squash
-Olive oil spray
-Sea salt

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Peel and slice the butternut squash. Spray a cooling rack with olive oil and spread the slices out on the rack. (Cooking them on a cooling rack allows the squash to cook both sides at once, yielding crispier results). Top with sea salt and bake for 30-40 minutes. So simple, so delicious!  Trust me, you won’t be able to stop eating these! I usually eat them with some organic ketchup 🙂



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  1. 1

    Mmm butternut squash fries sure sound good! I’ve only tried regular potato, sweet potato, and carrot fries. Gonna make myself a mental note on this one 🙂

    Good luck on your cholesterol checking!

  2. 2

    kaztronomic said,

    I hope your cholesterol numbers are good! I look forward to hearing the results. =)

    I love Athenos hummus! Tribe is also good, if I recall correctly.

    If you feel like making your own, I like to puree a tin of chickpeas with some curry powder (plus olive oil and a bit of garlic to taste). It’s unique, but it works. 😀

  3. 3

    Heather said,

    Homegrown tomatoes are the BEST!! I’ve been eatin lots of our romas and cherry tomatoes. So good!!
    I have no fave brand of hummus as I generally make my own.
    1 can chickpeas,some Franks hot sauce and maaaaybe some garlic powder.
    Hopefully your cholesterol numbers are down! It may take a while though.
    Let us know 🙂

  4. 4

    i used to make squash fries 24/7 until sweet potatoes called me. how weird that i tried squash fries before i ever had sweet potato fries!! must pick up some butternut soon!


  5. 5

    kbwood said,

    hey girl!!
    thank you so much for your comment! I LOVE squash fries- but they never fill me up! sweet tater fries are the bomb 🙂

  6. 7

    Our tomatoes are pretty ugly, too – but they’re always delicious and doesn’t it feel awesome to be eating something you grew?!
    The veggie burger sounds great, and I’d never heard of using cashews, either. Will need to keep in mind for next time. And favorite hummus? I LOVE Cedar’s Garlic Lovers hummus. Cedar’s is SOOO creamy. Love!

  7. 8

    I love all hummus however I prefer to make my own. The more garlic the better! Those fries look so tasty. I need to try that some time!

  8. 9

    I love hummus – I just make my own and flavor it in a million different ways. One way to lower the oil amounts is to use the soft silken tofu and/or cannellini beans. I always forget to add nuts to my veggie burgers. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog – now I get to check out yours!

  9. 11

    These veggies fries look AWESOME!!!

    I am willing to BET your numbers went down, big time….saw an amazing film last night…Forks Over Knives….all about docs treating cholesterol, heart disease, etc with a vegan diet! Amazing results!

  10. 13

    Meredith said,

    my mom has a massive army of butternut squash from her garden, so I will have to make these soon!

    as for hummus, you can often find the hummus base in a can (hummus + tahini premixed) at any Mediterranean/Middle Eastern grocer, then mix in garlic, lemon juice (super important) and paprika to taste.

  11. 14

    actorsdiet said,

    i’ve yet to try butternut squash fries – they do sound delicious.

  12. 15

    Chelsey said,

    those butternut squash fries look absolutely to die for!! Thanks for stopping by today – you are definitely being added to the reader – love your eats!!!

  13. 16

    I miss garden-fresh tomatoes! I need to pick some up from the farm down the road tomorrow. Those fries look great. Organic ketchup makes everything delicious in my world

  14. 17

    Thislady25 said,

    All of your food sounds and looks yummy. I have got to try butternut squash fries. I lovelove sweet potato fries.

  15. 18

    Thank you for your comment on my po’boy post. 🙂

  16. 19

    teenagehealthfreak said,

    I LOVE roasted red pepper hummus, I get it off the salad bar at this one health food store…AMAZING> when I make my hummus I add cilantro/cumin/other hot spices..yum. 🙂

  17. 20

    I love the butternut squash fries! I bet they taste yummy! I just made same sweet potato fries the other day, which were pretty good!

  18. 21

    Chelsea Ward said,

    Butternut squash fries are a terrific and delicious idea, thank you for sharing!

  19. 22

    14yearoldvegan said,

    i love carrot fries, sweet potato fries and a few days ago i tried parsnip fries! parsnip fries are yummy 🙂 i’ll have to try out butternut squash fries. i have two sitting in the basement..

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