Hittin’ the Weights

I’ve been saying for awhile that I need to stop being such a cardio junkie, and start getting into weight training. Not only do I want to tone up, but I think it will help me improve my running (which has plateaued at quite a low level. Lame!) But I just couldn’t seem to get myself over to the free weight section of the gym…

Well after some very inspiring posts about strong women I thought it was about time to get my act together! 🙂

I’m fortunate enough to have access to free personal trainers at the gym where I work. (Awesome, I know!) so I scheduled my appointment last week, and had my first sweat session this morning. Let me tell ya, I’m going to be sore tomorrow!

We did a total body workout, so I could get ideas on things to do on my own. Most of it was simple stuff that I could do from home with free weights, but I also learned how to use the machines. (What can I say, those cable machines scare me!) My trainer was super encouraging, and it got me really excited to keep weight training. Now I just need to make sure I keep doing it! 🙂

I’m hoping maybe the workouts will help my sleep schedule… lately I just haven’t been able to fall asleep! I keep a fairly regular sleep routine, getting up around the same time every morning, but I can’t seem to fall asleep before 2am. It’s starting to get frustrating. Does anyone have any tips for falling asleep? I tried reading, I tried watching tv, listening to classical music, turning the a/c on, trying to just relax. Nothing worked!

On a food related note, I had a potluck with my girls last night! I made pasta with pesto & vegan parmesan cheese. These girls are so sweet, and one of the girls made me my own separate bowl of chili without meat or cheese in it! They’re so thoughtful.

Look at all that food! Notice ^ my empty chili bowl  🙂

What do you like to make for potlucks? I tend to make main dishes so I know I’ll have something vegan to eat 😉


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  1. 1

    Yay for hittin’ up the weights! Weight-training actually helps me sleep much sounder. I hope that ends up happening for you.
    As far as bringing side dishes for potlucks, I get so nervous when asked to bring something because I’m not a great cook. I usually just cook for myself and that’s easy, cuz I know what I like!
    So, i try to stick with desserts…..i love to bake! baking and cooking meals are so different 🙂

  2. 2

    Woohoo for weights! I hear you on the machines though. I am always convinced I’m using them incorrectly 😉 How great that your friends made sure you had a meatless dish. I almost always end up having to bring my own just to make sure I can eat 😦

  3. 3

    lisaou11 said,

    Weight training is so good for me and Im so glad that you are goin for it!

  4. 4

    I’m getting back into weights tonight too! I can’t wait! I know I do too much cardio and I know that weights will give me the body I want. Now I just have to do it!

    For potlucks I usually bring a salad or fruit — something easy but something everyone will love!

    Falling asleep? I like to sit in bed for 20-30 minutes reading or just relaxing and doing nothing. It starts to calm me down and get me ready for bed. I have to watch my caffeine intake too and if my belly is too full I can’t sleep, so I try to make dinner lighter than my other meals.

  5. 6

    Do you eat before you go to bed? I cannot fall asleep without eating a snack. Otherwise, even if my stomach rumbles in the least bit, I am done for and need to get up to eat.

    For potlucks, I always bring a dish I know I can eat. If others like it, great. If not, more for me!! 🙂

  6. 7

    Yeah! Strong women! I love feeling fit and strong, and knowing I’m stronger even than many of the men I know. It is possible to be strong and feminine, strong and beautiful, fit and healthy and womanly. 😉 Here’s a few of the awesome strong ladies I hang out with, posted on my work blog: http://keengraphics.net/keenblog/2010/04/16/lady-climbing-photos-from-southern-utah/
    How awesome are they? Keep up the weight training!

  7. 9

    kaztronomic said,

    Congrats for braving the weights!

    I’ve struggled with insomnia like crazy. Some things that help — make sure I peed before going to bed, get an eye shade, buy ear plugs, and get a small fan to blow cool air on my face. For some reason, it helps, and I used to be up staring at the ceiling for over an hour after crawling into bed.

  8. 11

    free personal trainers, are you serious??? 🙂

    sorry to hear about your sleep troubles. do you work at night? i know if i’m writing late at night, my brain can’t shut off and i’m up for a bit. i’m sure it’ll pass though, one good night sleep and you’ll be right back to normal 🙂

  9. 12

    Emily said,

    When I can’t fall asleep, I count backward from 100. It always works.

    I love making salads for potlucks or dessert. I think those are the easiest but tastiest dishes. 🙂

  10. 13

    I really don’t go to potlucks much sadly, but there is something coming up that I need to make a dish for! I need some good ideas like stat lol

  11. 14

    People usually put me in charge of the desserts..haha. I also try to bring a couple smaller dishes that I would be able to eat (vegetarian).

  12. 15

    Mimi said,

    Weights rock! You are SO lucky you get free personal training! I’m jealous!

    Ok, sleep tips! Any of these are pretty good.

    – Calcium/magnesium supplement before bed (citrates, not oxides, for both)
    – Tulsi tea (tulsi is Holy Basil, which has a calming effect)
    – BREATHE. Focus on your breath going deep into your belly. Control your breath to slow things down and make you more relaxed.
    – Don’t eat a bunch of carbs and sugar right before bed. They are energy, and do their job. For some people they do their job too well.

  13. 16

    Nicole said,

    Congrats on your first strength training session with a personal trainer! You are so lucky to have the opportunity to work with someone who knows what they’re doin, all I have are magazines + TV shows, but usually they suffice.

    So sweet of your friend to make you a veggie chili bowl! I haven’t been to many potlucks in my lifetime, or parties, or eating-events. But for mom/pa’s day, my sister and I got together and made turkey/oat burgers (which I now have made into bean-oat, or garbanzo-rice burgers! Just as faaabulous) and black bean brownies, homemade granola bars, sweet potato/parsnip fries… ya know, try to sneak in some awesome veg. recipes that will tempt the fam to eat a wee bit bettah 😉

    Have a great weekend girl!

  14. 17

    Aimee said,

    Aw veg chilli sounds good that was nice of your friend. I have a hard time getting people to understand that I’m avoiding dairy so many of them think it’s bizarre. I even got loopy looks from the employees at dunkin when I tried to request soy milk, lol?
    Hmm potlucks…I usually liked to bring chocolate covered strawberries and a good salad, but I would probably do a main dish now like you do now that I eat differently.

  15. 18

    […] iced coffee, moon pop, sleep by lizlivingvegan A few posts ago, I mentioned I’d been having trouble sleeping. While I’m still not sleeping so well, it has gotten better! Thank you for all your tips! […]

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