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Vegan Creamer & The Organic Debate!

We have free coffee at work, that’s available all the time (awesome, I know!) and we even have those fancy cappuccino machines! A great work perk, for sure, but the problem is, the creamer! I used to drink my coffee black, but now I usually like to add a little almond milk, and a packet of Stevia. The problem is, almond milk isn’t really an option at work, or anywhere else for that matter. I know there are “non dairy creamers” but those powdered things freak me out. Vegan or non vegan, I’ll pass on the hydrogenated oils. So lately, I’ve been bringing a little tiny tupperware container of almond milk to work with me, then I just put some in my coffee, add some Stevia, and I’m good to go! Not so bad, but I sort of wish there was an alternative. Are their vegan powdered creamers? I’m not sure how “natural” a powdered creamer is. I’m just tired of packing a container of almond milk with me in the morning! Anyone have suggestions? Do you guys use cream in your coffee? I’ve heard coconut milk is really good in coffee, but I’ve never tried it!

While we’re on the subject of vegan coffee… check out this Vegan Coffee Ice Cream recipe from Whisk and Quill!! Doesn’t that look delicious? I’m definitely going to have to try that…

Last night I made some Vegan Spicy Chili and it was so good!

I was really excited to bring the leftovers for lunch today… and then I left them in the fridge 😦 Oh well, I guess that means I won’t have to make dinner!

I saw this post from Carrot’s N Cake and it was really interesting! I’ve really been trying to understand more about organic food, and even though I’m not eating dairy, it was still interesting to learn about organic dairy farming! What do you guys think about organic vs. conventional food? Sometimes I think it’s just a food marketing hype, but in a lot of cases, I do think it’s better to buy organic. I might be a little more expensive, but I think it’s worth it, instead of ingesting various pesticides and chemicals and genetically modified food.

What do you guys think, do you usually buy organic or conventional produce? What about dairy or meat?

That’s all for now!


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