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Vegan Travels… Here We Go!

Hello friends!

The “what does a vegan eat” question gets asked even more when traveling. It could get a little tricky this week, but I’ve never been somewhere that I couldn’t eat ANYTHING! So I’m sure it’ll be fine 🙂 Do you guys have any tips/tricks for traveling? (I’m sure if you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose intolerant, or just a generally picky eater 😉 , you’ve got some good tips to share!)

Anyways, I’m heading to Manhattan today… so updates to come!

But since I’m a little behind on posting (oops) let’s back up. Yesterday I was at the grocery store and I passed this interesting little bag of deliciousness…

Has anyone seen these Mr. Wheat snacks? It’s sort of like Moon Pop but it has a little more flavor. (There we’re four different varieties, I decided to try the honey flavor!) So these little cakes are sort of like rice cakes, but the hint of honey ads a nice hint of sweetness. Now let’s be clear, these aren’t exactly snack-right-from-the-bag-tasty. They certainly aren’t like eating a potato chip or anything, but with only 120 calories in half the bag (which is a pretty big bag) it’s a low calorie snack that ALSO manages to back in 4g of fiber, and 3g of protein. I had mine in place of crackers with some vegan chili, and it was a nice crunchy addition to my meal. (But seriously, a serving of these is a lot of munching, so I only had a few of the cakes, which clock in at 16 calories each.) I also tried them topped with some Better’n Peanut Butter, and that was pretty tasty too 🙂 I’m not sure if these will be a snack food regular, but they certainly were different!

I also had  a delicious mug of soy chai tea from my lovely friend/neighbor. (I love having friends in my building!)

This smelled so good and tasted amazing! I’ll have to post the recipe another time, because he hasn’t shown me how to make it yet 🙂

Have you ever had Chai Tea? Do you have any other winter-drink favorites?

I’ll be posting from NYC later! I hope you’re all having a good start to the week!




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