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Manhattan Explorations!

So we successfully made it to Manhattan last night! I haven’t been to NYC since high school, so it’s been fun getting to explore the city. The girls and I went out with some friends from an ad agency here, and they took us to Dos Caminos for some of the worlds best guacamole, to Sweet Revenge for cupcakes, and to a “speak easy” for drinks. Quite a night, that’s for sure! I was a bad food blogger, and only took a picture of the cupcake, (which wasn’t vegan, so I didn’t partake) but it looked amazing! The picture doesn’t do it justice!


For breakfast this morning, I had a Full bar which I’d never tried before.


I didn’t love it, but it was pretty good. I suppose it did it’s job of keeping me relatively full, but I also ate it with a granny smith apple! Have you guys tried these before?


I had a delicious veggie pita for lunch, with some split pea soup from Cafe Metro.

The pita was stuffed with sprouts & avocado, which are two of my favorite things to put in a pita. I love the creaminess of the avocado and the crunch of the sprouts. YUM! What’s your favorite thing to put in a pita?

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