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An Ode to Snack Foods

I’m a snacker. I get hungry! I prefer to eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of 3 “square” meals. But I have requirements of my snack food. I can’t survive on pre-packaged snacks! No no. If I’m going to have a snack, it needs to be healthy, and it needs to be tasty! Normally, for my snacks, I try to eat something that’s between 150-200 calories. Has at least 3g of fiber and at least 5g of protein. If it doesn’t have some fiber & protein, then I know I’ll just end up snacking again, so it’s gotta have some substance! Here are some of my recent snack superstars:


Banana “Ice Cream – It tastes indulgent, and fills me up, all for ~200 calories!


Fake Baked Apples You’ll think you’re digging into warm apple pie!


Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal – crunchy, munchy, and not too sweet

Amy’s Tamale Pie– Don’t be fooled, this super filling pie is only 150 calories, and is packed with 5g of protein and 4g of fiber!


And my newest favorite to add to the mix: Spiced Apple Pie Chips, thanks to Angela @ Oh She Glows


Check out these lovely snackers! They’re an interesting mix of chewy and crunchy. A little sprinkle of brown sugar and cinnamon. Perfect!


What are some of your favorite snacks?


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