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Kashi- You Make My Tummy Smile…

Who doesn’t love Kashi? Ok, sometimes I don’t love the price tag, but I love the food! I normally only eat the cereal or the crackers, because a lot of their products aren’t vegan. BUT, I decided to take a second look at their frozen food options, and as it turns out, a couple of their frozen dinners are vegan! I tried the Tuscan Veggie Bake, and I was not disappointed!

I love when the meal actually looks like the picture on the box.

Quick Stats: 260 Calories, 8g Fiber, 7g Protein. Normally, I’d like a little more protein in my lunch, but it does have 8g of filling fiber to keep me satisfied. And the calorie count is low enough that if you wanted to add some protein to your lunch, you could do it without breaking the calorie bank!

I’m always looking for a good lunch to slip into my laptop bag for work. Although the cafeterias at work usually have a vegan option… you never know what it will be. Sometimes I want to play it safe and pack my lunch!

Anyone have any new frozen find favorites? Heck, they don’t even have to be frozen. I know Katie just did a lovely review on Amy’s Chili (which I love) and Fab and Delicious Food just did an awesome review of Thomas’ Bagel Thins (which I also love) so let me know if you have any new food suggestions! I’m all ears 🙂


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