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Brownies for Breakfast?

That’s right! I finally got around to making Katie’s Brownie Batter Pancakes!!! But let’s back up…

The morning started off with a run. My running buddy canceled on me, but thankfully I didn’t know this until after I was up and ready to run (other wise I totally would have kept sleeping…) The run was pretty good, I ran a solid 3 miles. But as I was waking up this morning, I read Damn The Freshman 15′s review of Slice of Life gummy vitamins and I thought, oh I should take my calcium supplement before I forget! But I forgot that taking calcium on an empty stomach is a bad idea!! So I felt sort of sick during my run… but I pushed through it, and had a good run overall! When I got home, I wasn’t feeling like breakfast, but after I showered and got ready for work, my appetite returned, and I decided it would be the perfect time to try Katie’s pancakes!!


Here are my little pancakes cooking up! I didn’t have applesauce, so I used mashed banana, and I used Jay Robb protein powder, because that’s all I had. I also added some baking soda to make them a little thicker and fluffier. They came out SO good.

I had these with a huge fuji apple… not pictured is the peanut butter that found its way on to my apple and pancakes… oh my goodness this was one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had!!

The pancakes also gave me a chance to try out some of the NuNatural‘s stevia products! I added some of the Vanilla Stevia to the batter. I think I counted ~8 drops. It was the perfect amount of sweetness!

I also tried some of the Stevia packets in my morning coffee yesterday, and I think I added a little too much, because it was a tad bit sweet for me… but that’s my fault, not the stevia’s fault!I normally put in 1 packet of truvia and about 3tbs of Almond Breeze in my coffee. It’s so delicious! I used to drink my coffee black, but I like it much better this way 🙂

How do you like your coffee? Do you have a favorite pancake recipe?

Tonight I’m going out for sushi with some friends from work. Definitely looking forward to a good avocado roll and maybe even a cucumber roll! What’s your favorite kind of sushi? I feel like people either love it or hate it!

Happy Thursday everyone!



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