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Ah, the Joy of Traveling…

Friday started off a little rough. I still wasn’t been able to sleep much, so the day began with 2 hours of sleep, since I had to be up at 4:30 to head to the airport. Upon getting to the airport, I found out my flight was delayed, and I was going to miss my connecting flight. I was then going to have a layover in Cleveland for 5 hours. Then they switched me to Delta, so I could fly from Atlanta to Columbus, but then the flight to Atlanta was going to be delayed. Somehow, they got things back on schedule, so I should make it to Columbus by 11:30. A few hours later than I hoped, but, life goes on! Ironically enough, I’m pretty sure it would have been faster if I had just driven. But, let’s focus on the positives!

1. Delta had vegan cookies on their      flight!

How cute is that? I found the coke napkin entertaining too.

Pretty sure the people next to me thought I was crazy for snapping      pictures of the airplane cookies… Oh well!

2. I have a whole week off work! It’s      going to be great to catch up with friends, I really can’t wait! I’m also      looking forward to have some time to get back into running. Now that I’m Hitting the Weights I haven’t been      very consistent on running. I have plenty of excuses for why I haven’t      been running… but none of them are that good. I downloaded some really      good new music, so I think that should keep me motivated. In fact, I love      my playlist so much, I made a playlist page. I would LOVE more song      suggestions. So head over to the page and leave me your favorite song!

3. I’ve got a whole week to convince my      dearest father that there is more to life than just meat and potatoes 😉 But hey, I like a challenge!

4. While      we’re on a roll with the positives, life is great. I’m truly blessed      with the wonderful people I’ve been able to surround myself with. I’m      really amazed at how quickly I have an entire network of people in Richmond that are      there for me. (There’s Carrie, who graciously offered her suitcase when I      realized I didn’t have one,  there’s Nirali who took      me to the ER when I sliced my hand open with an x-acto knife last week,      and Robbie, who took me to the tow truck place when my car got towed. The      list could go on forever!)

5. This trip seemed like a good time to try a few “travel size” snacks!


Stop and take a moment to count your blessings. I think you’ll be surprised how many you can count 🙂 Now, I’m off to go spend some time with family!


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