Nightime Snacking- Yes or No?

Ok, I admit it. I’m a big night time snacker! It isn’t really a huge issue, because I don’t normally snack during the day. The problem is, by “saving” my daily calories for night time snacks mean that I’m saving my fuel for a time in the day when I don’t need it!

Yesterday, I went on an afternoon run, a couple hours after my breakfast. I wasn’t hungry, but wasn’t overly full, and it was the perfect balance for my run. I ran 4 miles, which is a lot for me! (I haven’t been running much lately.) I realized that a lot of times, I work out on very little fuel, and its no wonder I get tired! But in order to maintain balance, I need to move my meals around.

So my new goal is no snacks after 8pm.

Now I have to be realistic, and know that some days I don’t get HOME until 8pm, and I’m not going to skip dinner just because it’s after 8! The point is that most of my night time snacking is just… well, snacking. It’s not like I need the energy right before bed! So I’m going to try to eat more during the day, and see if it helps my workouts!

How do you guys feel about bedtime snacks? Do you usually eat something before bed? Do you prefer your snacks during the day? Or do you just skip snacks all together? (I don’t think I could skip them!!!)


My mom and I are a lot alike. A LOT alike. I realize this more and more everyday, and I’m not complaining, because my mom is pretty cool, and I can only hope to be as amazing as she is! But one thing we differ on is the practicality of dinnerware πŸ˜‰

Growing up, we had plain dishes. Every dish matched the others, and that’s how my mom liked it. She knew a lot of the “stylish” dishes, would be out of style before you knew it, and then you’d have to get new dishes! I remember I would beg for a brightly colored bowl, or that odd shaped ice cream dish. Every so often, she’d give in, and then we’d have a bowl or a plate that only I would use πŸ™‚ (Mom, that multicolored ceramic bowl is STILL my favorite chip bowl!!!) So despite all of our likeness, I just had to buy this bowl when I found it at TJ Maxx last night.

How cute is that?? This is actually the middle size of a 3 bowl set. They were on clearance, and too adorable to pass up. Mom, I’m sorry for the impracticality of these bowls, and I know they’ll never match anything else, but you have to admit, they’re pretty darn cute πŸ˜‰

What do you guys think? Do you dishes match, or do you just have a random assortment of favorites?



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  1. 1

    radioactivegan said,

    I have all turquoise fiestaware dishes. Sometimes I see bowls or something that I like, but I never get them because (a) they don’t match the ones I have, and (b) I have no where to store them. When I get a bigger kitchen, though, I might start mixing it up. At least a few cute things for candy dishes (or ice cream bowls πŸ™‚ ).

  2. 2

    I LOVE that bowl! I have a bowl “problem” and love the randomness factor of owning a bunch of different, totally cute bowls and plates. Makes eating more fun! πŸ™‚

  3. 3

    I’m a night snacker too! Before I eat at night now I pause and ask myself if I’m really hungry. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t.
    I think that bowl is adorable! None of our dishes match, but I like it that way.

  4. 4

    I love a variety of bowls and dishes. I get that from my grandmother, she has random dishes everywhere! On the subject of night time snacking…I am a snacker big time at night. I don’t feel like it is a problem for me though. I do little meals throughout the day, so I think it works with how I eat.

  5. 5

    I’m a big snacker at night too – but I’m also a big snacker throughout the day. In fact, I’ll actually skimp on meal portions so I can be hungry to have a snack later. Weird? Meh, I’ll take it!

  6. 7

    LOVE THAT BOWL!! i was at Target today and meant to get my own special “heather bowl” since we just moved and i had to leave all my dishes back in storage, since we flew out here.
    anyway, i totally forgot to get one, but when i do, it will be just like yours!!

    i’m a total snacker/grazer. i eat at all hours of the day/night. sometimes i’ll wake up at 2 am and my stomach will feel like it’s trying to eat itself. so, i eat!

    i have no probs managing my weight. i just know that at the end of the day, i need to have ingested fewer calories than i expended…or at least the same amount.

    again-LOVE that bowl!!

  7. 8

    I actually don’t eat at all past 8p during the weeknights (sun-thurs). I’m actually incredibly strict about it and literally won’t eat (but will have vino). It’s the only way I’ve found that works for me..otherwise I keep sneaking in the snacks!

    • 9

      Liz said,

      I think it’s going to be hard for me to get into the habit, but once I do, I think it’ll be better for me to have my fuel during the day, when I really need it!

  8. 10

    I’m so bad for late-night eating! I’m the same – don’t eat that much during the day because I’m “saving it for later”…
    Just about to shovel down some dark chocolate-covered raisins as we speak πŸ™‚

  9. 11

    Marshalls and TJ Maxx rock. Always get in trouble there:)

    I am fortunate that I don’t nighttime snack, but unfortunately it’s because I get home late from work and don’t eat until 7ish.

    I’d say preoccupy yourself with mini tasks everyday if you can. Even if it’s reading a magazine or organizing stuff in your house. Take your mind off your snacky:)

  10. 12

    I try not to eat past 7pm but if I really want a snack, I go for it!

    I love funky bowls. My mother gets mad when I bring home random not matching dish ware! Oh well.


  11. 13

    Such a cute bowl! I love random bowls, but not so much plates.

    I usually try not to eat too late because I just sleep better that way. Plus I don’t like waking up feeling bloated. A lot of the time I’ll have some hot chocolate or tea to curb my snackiness.

  12. 14

    I’m all about the nighttime snacks. When I’ve tried to go without, let’s just say I get a tad crabby. πŸ˜‰ I set aside a small amount of my daily calories to get something in – so I don’t feel like I’m missing out. Like a small bowl of cereal. A slice of bread with PB. Or a smoothie.

    Big props to you for trying to stop snacking after 8pm. Curious to see how the shift in calories to the day works for you. You may be onto something.

  13. 15

    I could never go without snacking! Like you, I agree that it’s not the best habit to have, but I always need something sweet in the evenings after dinner. My latest night-time snack obsession is “banana soft serve.” I saw it on some other blogs, and I’m amazed at how easy it is…and how much it tastes like ice cream! You just throw a frozen banana in a food processor and whip until it takes on the consistency of soft serve ice cream. Sometimes I toss in a half teaspoon of cocoa powder.

    LOVE the orange polka dot bowl! Definitely a good purchase πŸ™‚

  14. 16

    Oh, I definitely couldn’t live without my snacks. I do usually snack more during the day than at night, though. Not for any particular reason, I guess I’m just hungrier during the day!

    I love fun and unique bowls! I have 2 sets of matching dishes that I use a lot, especially when we have company. But I also have my own little collection of fun dishes I use just for my meals (and for the blog pictures, let’s be real:). I love getting new, cute dishes! Love your bowl btw.

  15. 17

    Sophia Lee said,

    I’m a big snacker…and it’s ruining the fun of my main meals! I snack in mid-afternoon– two time! And then, a bigger snack late at night…It just helps me think more while I work. But I’ll have to try to break it because it’s just better to have fuller square meals. I think most problems is when you stay up late at night.

  16. 18

    I have issues with doing dessert after dinner. If I skip it completely- I don’t really miss it. When I go for just a “little something”, I end up wanting more until I’ve gone completely nuts. The no snacking may be a good rule… πŸ™‚

    And I have sets of plates- but none of my bowls or cups match. And I sort of like it that way…

  17. 19

    emily said,

    I don’t have a problem with night time snacking if it fits into the fuel i need for the day…but like you said, if it’s keeping you from eating earlier when you really need it, it is a good idea to establish normal snacking patterns earlier in the day.

    I have random dishes! Some of them match, but i also have a thing for cute vintage dishes, so i have quite the collection. πŸ™‚

  18. 20

    Pretty much all of our dishes match, which I don’t mind – keeps things organized! But I do really like unique mugs and bowls! I like that the food and beverage don’t cover up the patterns/designs so you can still admire them while you eat/drink!

    Love your bowl! So funky and fun!

  19. 21

    I got a bowl today!!! I posted about it πŸ™‚ I thought of you when I found it, too πŸ™‚

  20. 22

    miss v said,

    my dishes are totally random – makes for fun blogging because i match my bowl or plate to my meal. πŸ™‚
    i’m not so much of a snacker, but sometimes i don’t each lunch… i’m just starting to realize how this affects me at night b/c i eat a BIG dinner…. which i don’t need.

  21. 23

    I try to stop eating around 7 or 8 — only because I tend to get bored at night and feel like I’m hungry, but I’m really not. Plus I sleep terribly if I have a full belly of food. I tend to graze all day long too.

    My dishes match — only because I recently got rid of all my unmatching pieces. But I’m sure I’ll go to Pier 1 one of these days and pick out more random pieces πŸ™‚

  22. 24

    Sisterly said,

    I love the new bowls! Course, I also like polka dots. I have mini-collections of dishes. Like, three blue floral, three low bowls with paisley rims, four blue widemouth plates. I try to set for the occasion. Some things I have an abundance of, while others are practical. I still have a pie plate that says, “Phil’s Pie” on it. Who is Phil? I don’t know. I sure like his plate, though.

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